University Libraries 2016 Scholarship Contributions


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Book Chapters
Bazeley, J. W., Natale, J. J, & Sullivan, E. (2016). “LibGuides administration: Road map to engaging content.” In A.W. Dobbs & R.L. Sittler (Eds.), Integrating LibGuides into Library Websites (pp. 77-90). Chicago, IL: Rowman & Littlefield.

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Jones, A. & Sentieri, C. (2016). “Miami University Libraries LSTA Conservation Grant.” State Library of Ohio, Ohio Preservation Council (November 21, 2016 - September 30, 2017) Award: $2,333.00. 

Millard, J., Henebry, B., and Tzoc, E. (2015-2016). “On-demand Digital Scholarship Applications Dashboard.”  The Institute of Museums and Library Services. Award: $25,000.

Tzoc, E. & Armstrong, A.E. (2013-2016). “Orientation for the Freedom Summer Project: An Interactive Quest for Social Justice.” The National Endowment for the Humanities.  Award: $60,000.

Articles (in press/in review 2017)

Bazeley, J.W. (2017). “Report of the ALCTS collection management and e-resources interest group meeting.” Technical Services Quarterly, 34(2). 

Girton, C. (submitted September 2016). “Course collaboration: Partnering with librarians to strengthen student success.” AURCO Journal. 

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Tzoc, E. & Ubbes, V. (2017) “Digital literacy partnership: An interdisciplinary and digital scholarship project” New Review of Academic Librarianship.

Book Chapters (in press/in review 2017)
Bazeley, J.W. (2017). In Reengineering the Library: Advances in Electronic Resources Management. Chicago IL: American Library Association. 

Long, J.H. (2017). “Gaming library instruction: Using interactive play to promote research as a process.” In T. Maddison & M. Kumaran (Eds.), Distributed Learning: Pedagogy and Technology in Online Information Literacy Instruction (pp. 385-400). Cambridge, MA: Chandos Publishing.

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Vonnahme, E. & Roy, M. (anticipated 2017). “Cooperation Between University Librarians and Faculty Writers and Poets.” In C. Smallwood (Ed.), Library Outreach to Writers and Poets: Interviews and Case Studies of Cooperation. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.

2016 Presentations

Bazeley, J.W. (2016). “Managing E-Resource Usage Stats.” Presentation. American Library Association Annual Conference. 

Bazeley, J.W. (2016). “Transfer Code of Practice.” Presentation. American Library Association Midwinter Conference. 

Bazeley, J.W. & Beals, N. (2016). “Transfer Today: Updates on the Transfer Code of Practice.” Presentation. E-Resources & Libraries (ER&L). 

Bazeley, J.W. & Winter, E. (2016). “Transfer Today: Updates on the Transfer Code of Practice.” Presentation. NISO Working Group Connections LIVE! Webinar. 

Benzing, M. (2016). “Using Ethnography.” Presentation. Internet Librarian 2016, Monterey, CA. 

Benzing, M. (2016). “Cardboard Classroom. Using VR to Enhance Library Instruction.” Presentation. Internet Librarian 2016, Monterey, CA. 

Benzing, M. (2016). “Lightning Talk: Cardboard Classroom.” Presentation. LOEX 2016, Pittsburgh, PA. 

Birrel, L., Gibson, K., Modrow, W., & Totelben, K. (2016). “Collaborative Projects and Instruction: Special Collections and Liaison Librarian Partnerships.” Presentation. Association of College and Research Libraries Webinar Series.

Burke, J.J. & Hicks, J.L. (2016, October). “Have It Your Way: Designing a Library Makerspace to Support Creativity and Innovation.” Presentation. ALAO Annual Conference, Wilmington, OH.

Burke, J.J. (2016, December). “Making Ends Meet: What Library Makerspaces Need to Succeed.” Presentation. NISO Webinar: “Make it at the Library: How Does Library Technology Support Makerspaces?” 

Gerrish, T.E. (2016). “Data Curation Toolkit at the UMBS.” Poster Session. University of Michigan Winter Research Conference, Ann Arbor, MI.  

Gerrish, T.E. (2016). “Data Management Culture at the University of Michigan Biological Station.” Poster Session. Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Houston, TX.

Girton, C. (2016). “Marketing Plans Made Easy(er): Creating a Marketing Plan with Little/No Marketing Experience.” Presentation.  Great Lakes Resource Sharing Conference. 

Girton, C., & Tumbleson B. (2016). “Beyond Belief: Enhancing User Experience by Collaborating.” Presentation.  ALAO Annual Conference, Wilmington, OH.

Girton, C. (2016).  “‘It’s Got to Be Here Somewhere...: Redesigning Your Website with Your Users in Mind.” Poster Session. ALAO Annual Conference, Wilmington, OH. 

Girton, C. (2016). “Free from Frenzy: Reducing Final Exam Stress for First-Year Students.” Poster Session.  2nd National Personal Librarian & First Year Experience Library Conference, Cleveland, OH. 

Johnson, E. O., Reese, G., & Offenburger, A. (2016). “Source Notes: Developing a News Storage and Research System.” Presentation.  IFLA WLIC 2016 – Connections. Collaboration. Community, Columbus, OH. 

Johnson, J., Armstrong, V., Campbell, P.D., Duinkenker, K. & Hiltunten, K. (2016). “Women Wanted: Finding and Promoting Women in Archival Collections.” Presentation. Midwest Archives Conference, Milwaukee, WI.

Johnson, J., Blackman, E., & Boyd, M. (2016). “ArchivesSpace Implementation Models in Ohio.” Presentation.  Society of Ohio Archivists Annual Conference, Columbus, OH.

Johnson, J., Ladd, M., Bowers, K., & Mayo, D. (2016). “Data Cleanup Strategies and Tools.” Presentation.  ArchivesSpace Member Forum. Atlanta, GA.

Johnson, J. & Mitchell, V. (2016). “I am History: Digital Documentation and Protests Archives.” Presentation. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Richmond, VA.

Johnson, J., Brinkman, S., & Tzoc, E. (2016) “It Is What You Call It: Intentional Diversity National Diversity in Libraries.” Poster Session. Los Angeles, CA.

Long, J.H. (2016). “Which Path Will You Take? Building a “Choose Your Own” style interactive research tutorial.” Presentation. ALAO Annual Conference, Wilmington, OH.

Long, J.H. and Hicks, J. L. (2016). “Surviving the Library and Building Research Skills.” Poster Session. 8th Creating Knowledge Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Lucey, K. (2016, June). “Emerging with Ebooks: College Students Create Digital Publications.” Presentation. Annual Conference of Library Instruction West, Salt Lake City, UT.

Lucey, K. (2016, April). “Infographics: Visualizing Data with Elegance.” Presentation and activity. 15th Annual Information Literacy Summit, Palos Hills, IL.

Resnis, E. (2016). “Assessing the Impact of Instructional Space: A Case Study Using Visual Literacy.” Poster Session. Lilly International Conference on College Teaching, Oxford, OH.

Resnis, Eric. (2016). “Flipping Assessment.” Presentation. Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Seminar Series, Oxford, OH.

Resnis, E. & Natale, J. (2016). “Reframing Liaisonship: Moving Towards Quality User Engagement.” Presentation. Academic Association of Ohio Annual Conference, Wilmington, OH.

Resnis, E. & Natale, J. (2016). “Engagement, Effectiveness, and Efficiency: Energize Your Personal Librarian Program.” Presentation. 2016 Personal Librarian and First Year Experience Library Conference, Cleveland, OH.

Sentieri, C. M. (2016). “Hands On / Hands Off: Managing an Undergraduate Exhibition.” Poster Session.  Academic Library Association of Ohio Annual Conference. 

Shores, M.L. (2016). “Mind the Sharks: Guiding faculty through the sometimes perilous waters of open access publishing.” Presentation.  Kentucky Library Association/Kentucky School Media Association Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.

Tzoc, E. & Millard, J. (2016) “An On-Demand Digital Scholarship Applications Dashboard.” Presentation. 2016 Annual LITA National Forum, Fort Worth, TX.

Tzoc, E. & Millard, J. (2016) “Scholars Dashboard: A Prototype for Digital Scholarship.” Presentation. 2016 IFLA Meeting and International Conference, Columbus, OH.

Tzoc, E. (2016) “Deploying Omeka in One Minute: A Prototype for Digital Scholarship.” Presentation. 2016 THATCamp Regional Conference at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.

Vonnahme, E. (2016, October) “Read In Redux: Reinvigorating Library Programming.” Presentation. Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) Annual Conference, Wilmington, OH.

Vonnahme, E. (2016, May). “‘Animals in human situations’ OR ‘Forest & forestry--Menstruation’: Using Subject Headings and Controlled Vocabularies in Beginning Information Literacy Instruction.” Presentation. The Innovative Library Classroom 2016, Radford, VA.

Accepted or in review for 2017

Ladd, M. (Accepted for May 2017). “Mailable Americana” Presentation. American Historical Print Collectors Society, Ann Arbor, MI.

Lucey, K., Miller L., & Vonnahme, E. (In review December 2016).“Gaining International Perspectives on Information Literacy: Chinese Students Discuss Their Information Needs and Expectations.” Breakout session proposal. LOEX 2017. Lexington, KY. 

Resnis, E. & Natale, J. (Accepted August 2016) “Steering Change in Liaisonship: A Reverse Engineering Approach.” Presentation. Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Baltimore, MD.

Sentieri, C. M., Vonnahme, E. E., & Brinkman, S. N. (Accepted for February 2017). “Zines as Outreach (Or: How to Get Ecologists Involved in Art-Making).” Art Libraries Society of North America Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Sentieri, C. & Vonnahme, E.  (In review December 2016). “Zines As Outreach For Art Kids and Ecologists (And Everyone In Between).” Poster session proposal & Roundtable session proposal. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2017, Baltimore, MD. 

Vonnahme, E., Brothers, R., Curran, R., & Ramsay, S. (In review December 2016) “That First Year Hustle: Academic Librarianship Made Simple* *Or manageable, at least.” Roundtable session proposal. Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2017, Baltimore, MD.