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Miami University Libraries - Strategic Plan

Miami University Libraries - Strategic Plan

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From the Dean

Photo of Jerome Conley, Dean of University Libraries
Jerome Conley,
Dean and University Librarian
Four years ago, we made the decision to approach strategic planning for the University Libraries in a new way. Rather than develop a multi-year plan, we chose to adopt a yearly approach that would allow us to be nimble, results-driven, and iterative.

We wanted a living document that would inspire action—not a plan that would sit on the shelf and be forgotten. To begin, we took the time to carefully articulate our mission, vision, and values—a process that has since proven to be infinitely valuable, having laid a strong foundation for the work ahead.

When I look back to where we began, I see immense value in the time we spent reflecting on who we were as an institution and who we wished to be. Defining these statements helped us truly commit to the work we were doing and identify areas for growth. While it is easy to look back on these moments fondly, I also remember the unease and anticipation during the process. Exploring a new type of strategic plan was a risk: we knew we had to establish new processes for this brand new model. However, with the ever-changing landscape of libraries, higher education, and the world at large, we all believed in the value of this approach to strategic planning.

Entering our fourth year of Catalyst, the Libraries’ Strategic Plan, we remain committed to the mission, vision, and values we established. Each year, initiative teams have produced usable products, generated new ideas, and reimagined the spaces and services of the libraries. Together, we have committed to facilitate an inclusive community, transform the Libraries’ environment, and forge meaningful partnerships. We have persevered past the initial stages of uncertainty and stayed focused on creating sustainable systems that drive change.

This yearly recommitment and investment in strategy would not be possible without the dedicated staff within the Libraries. I appreciate the infrastructure this team has built and am enthusiastic about the progress we will continue to make together.

Our Foundation



We proactively connect our community with the resources and personalized guidance to empower discovery, creation, and success.



We will be the catalyst for growth and discovery for every scholar in our community.




You matter; you belong

We purposefully create a human connection with our entire scholarly community.
  • are approachable and friendly
  • create inviting and accessible environments
  • design inclusive systems
  • show empathy and actively listen


Always wonder; always learn

We passionately and humbly seek knowledge and understanding.
  • question our own assumptions
  • listen to understand
  • empower inquiry and discovery
  • cultivate an atmosphere of wonder


Find connections; forge partnerships

We reach across boundaries because we recognize the power of working together.
  • focus on results and embrace the expertise and assistance of others
  • seek knowledge even if it challenges our biases
  • mediate among disciplines
  • create space for others to share their perspectives


Boldly create; fearlessly innovate

We exceed the needs of the present and rise to the challenges of the future.
  • encourage creative solutions
  • adapt to new realities
  • take smart risks and learn from every failure
  • create new opportunities

Strategic Plan for 2023-2024



Develop talent, resources, and experiences to facilitate an inclusive community.

Talent Management - Onboarding

Initiative: Redevelop the Libraries’ onboarding process for new employees into a year-long experience that exemplifies the Libraries’ values, supports retention and engagement, and streamlines processes across departments and staff classifications.

  • Rich Wisneski
  • Zac Grisham

Transform the Libraries’ environment and user-centered experience to anticipate evolving modes of learning.

Libraries’ Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

Initiative: Continue to transform the Libraries into an environment that is welcoming, safe, and prepared to meet the individual needs of all learners by implementing recommendations in the Libraries’ Commitment to Inclusive Excellence for collections, people, services, and spaces.

  • Ken Irwin
  • Elizabeth Kerr

Forge meaningful partnerships that foster affordability, ensure relevancy, and cultivate life-long connections.

External Funding

Initiative: Increase external funding by 10% by engaging with partners:

  1. University Advancement (UA) and the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) to build resources that increase library staff and librarians’ capacity to pursue and obtain funding;
  2. The ASPIRE office to submit a capital request for infrastructure enhancements.
  • Kevin Messner
  • Jason Ezell

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