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A photograph of a MacBook Pro laptop with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Final Cut Pro in the menu on the screen

Final Cut Pro now available for online checkout

Final Cut Pro, the popular industry-standard video editing platform, is now available for Miami students, faculty, and staff to check out online from the University Libraries and use on their personal macOS computers at no cost.

The addition of Final Cut Pro expands the Libraries’ innovative software checkout program, which launched in the fall of 2020 by giving students the ability to check out licenses for the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. The Libraries also plan to add the digital audio software Logic Pro this fall.

The online checkout process is similar to and as easy as reserving a group study room. Once reserved, Miamians can download and use the software on their own Mac computers through the Apple App Store for up to 90 days at a time.

While the Libraries have a long history of providing computers loaded with advanced software in the library’s computer labs, offering software licenses for checkout represents a significant advancement in the Libraries’ ability to connect the Miami community with the resources they need.

“Just as we’ve seen e-books, e-journals, and digital collections make library materials more broadly accessible online, our software checkout program puts these new tools of scholarship right into the hands of our users, anytime and anywhere,” said Jerome Conley, Dean of Libraries and University Librarian.

The program also better stewards university resources. “Instead of paying for a license that’s tied to a specific computer in the library — which may or may not get used — we’re pairing a license directly with someone using the software,” said Michael Bomholt, the Libraries’ Technology Develop Manager. “It’s more convenient, and it’s more efficient in terms of money and time.”

Bomholt and Web Services Librarian Ken Irwin developed the infrastructure that makes checking out a Final Cut Pro license possible. After reserving a license, users receive an email invitation to link their Apple ID with the Libraries’ Volume Purchasing Program with Apple. Once linked, the Libraries can automatically assign Final Cut Pro to the user’s Apple ID, which “unlocks” the software in the Apple App Store. Once unlocked, the purchase button — which usually displays the $299.99 retail price — changes to a download button. After the reservation period ends, the assignment is removed so the license can be reassigned to the next user who checks it out. This custom-written set of programming and interplay between systems makes the process fairly seamless for the user.

“This initiative is a prime example of the ways we’re leveraging technology and the expertise of our staff to better serve the Miami community,” said Conley.

Interested Miami students, staff, and faculty with a macOS computer can reserve Final Cut Pro through the Libraries website.