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Brief Overview

The Southwest Ohio Regional Depository (SWORD) is specially designed for the remote storage of permanently held, little used library materials from the library collections of Central State University, Miami University, the University of Cincinnati, and Wright State University. The depository, located on Miami University’s Middletown Campus, is one of five such facilities to be constructed in the State of Ohio with funding from the Ohio Board of Regents.

SWORD is designed and constructed to provide the cooperating libraries with an excellent preservation environment for storing materials in an economical, high-density shelving system. SWORD is comprised of two 30-foot tall storage modules, the first opening in September 1994 and the second in 2000. The windowless storage modules have a capacity of two million volumes and maintain temperatures and relative humidity between 58 degrees and 40% in the winter and 65 degrees and 50% in the summer. Materials housed in the modules are shelved by size and located by barcode.

Items in the depository may be requested through catalogs of the cooperating libraries (Miami University, University of Cincinnati, Wright State University, Central State University) or through the OhioLINK catalog.