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Miami University Libraries - Strategic Plan

Miami University Libraries - Strategic Plan

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From the Dean

Photo of Jerome Conley, Dean of University Libraries
Jerome Conley,
Dean and University Librarian
Develop. Transform. Forge. These strategic goals tell a story of movement and progress.

Since the inception of Catalyst, Miami University Libraries’ strategic plan, the landscape for our journey has shifted. And while we may have encountered detours and discovered new paths, the roadmap detailed in our strategic plan kept us moving forward. Not only have we continued to serve the community, but we have found new ways to do so.

Last year, teams worked together towards goals and initiatives that reflected the Libraries’ mission, vision, and values. Team members communicated with staff, listened to students, and observed peer institutions to map new paths that will increase opportunities for all our community’s scholars.

We know that when we collaborate great things happen — and indeed, our first year’s successes were earned through collaboration, with teams working to engage as many Libraries staff as possible. As circumstances changed — in the Libraries, on campus, and beyond — we adapted and made meaningful changes based on the lessons we learned. This strategic plan is flexible by design because we need a living, actionable document to guide our path.

I am sincerely grateful to my colleagues who dedicated their time to advancing our strategic plan in the 2021 academic year and am thrilled to welcome both new and returning staff and librarians to this year’s working groups.

All of us at the Libraries are eager to be a catalyst for those we connect with, whether in person or virtually. We are committed to constant improvement and are equipped with the knowledge and research needed to confidently blaze the trail ahead.

Together, we will use our roadmap to move into the next stage of our journey. I am honored to travel with you.

Our Foundation



We proactively connect our community with the resources and personalized guidance to empower discovery, creation, and success.



We will be the catalyst for growth and discovery for every scholar in our community.




You matter; you belong

We purposefully create a human connection with our entire scholarly community.
  • are approachable and friendly
  • create inviting and accessible environments
  • design inclusive systems
  • show empathy and actively listen


Always wonder; always learn

We passionately and humbly seek knowledge and understanding.
  • question our own assumptions
  • listen to understand
  • empower inquiry and discovery
  • cultivate an atmosphere of wonder


Find connections; forge partnerships

We reach across boundaries because we recognize the power of working together.
  • focus on results and embrace the expertise and assistance of others
  • seek knowledge even if it challenges our biases
  • mediate among disciplines
  • create space for others to share their perspectives


Boldly create; fearlessly innovate

We exceed the needs of the present and rise to the challenges of the future.
  • encourage creative solutions
  • adapt to new realities
  • take smart risks and learn from every failure
  • create new opportunities

Strategic Plan for 2021-2022



Develop talent, resources, and experiences to facilitate an inclusive community.

Professional Development

Initiative: Create a sustainable, functioning resource guide relating to professional development with balanced information for Classified Staff, Unclassified Staff, and Librarians.

  • Alea Henle
  • Lindsay Miller
  • Lissa Martin
  • Shawn Vanness

Transform the Libraries’ environment and user-centered experience to anticipate evolving modes of learning.

Virtual Spaces and Services

Initiative: Promote existing virtual services and develop a long-term strategy to identify new services that would best suit our community of students, faculty, and staff.

  • Stan Brown
  • Elias Tzoc
  • Andy Revelle
  • Jerry Yarnetsky

Forge meaningful partnerships that foster affordability, ensure relevancy, and cultivate life-long connections.

Meaningful Partnerships

Initiative: Create a toolkit to support Libraries’ staff in fostering and maintaining healthy partnerships.

  • Bill Modrow
  • Kevin Messner
  • Katie Gibson
  • Jacky Johnson

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